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Royal Highland Show – Edinburgh
20th to 23rd June, 2019

Judge: Mr Miles Partridge, Newton Abbot

With one on the largest entries of Galloways at the Royal Highland Show in recent years, it was first time exhibitor  Andrew Waugh from  Kilnstown Farms Ltd, Kilnstown, Bewcastle, Carlisle who clinched the overall title with his sole entry Buccleuch Adonis.  This seven year old bull is a son of Kirkstead Nancy Boy  who  was 2011 National Show champion and  reserve overall champion at   the Royal Highland Show in 2010 and 2011 and out of Dalwhat Moss Rose J1.   Adonis who has bred sons up to 4500gns is no stranger to championship rosettes as he scooped the Native Champion award at Northumberland County Show in May

The reserve breed champion was the female champion – Blackcraig Blonchen W605 from regular show exhibitors John, Ann and son, Ian Finlay from Blackcraig, Corsock, Castle Douglas,  this four year old  cow has an impressive home bred genetics on both sides, the sire Blackcraig Sid has received many championship titles and the dam Blackcraig Blondchen M183 goes back to Kirkmabreck Keepsake. This stylish cow was first in a massive class of 10 cows and calves, one of the biggest classes at the show, which was much talked about by all the busy ring side. 

Another regular show attendee,  Jim and Selina Ross and Family, Romesbeoch, Shawhead, Dumfries secured the reserve female rosette with Moira 1926 of Romesbeoch,  this incalf cow who is due in November is by  the German sire, Holsten Oder and out of Moira 408 of Romesbeoch, a previous reserve champion at Dumfries Show. 

It was Kilnstown’s breeding that secured the reserve male title, Welling of Kilnstown who was purchased privately in 2016 by Jason and Sarah Wareham, Heathfield, East Sussex,  this four year old bull is a son of Coldplay of Fingland and our to Marina 67th of Kilnstown.  Another regular on the show circuit, Welling has been interbreed champion at Heathfield show earlier in the year. 

Lockerbie breeders David and Rosemarie Cornthwaite, Balagray was also in the rosettes as they received the junior championship and the group prize.   The junior prize was received by their yearling bull Oka of Balgray, a son of Troloss Impeccable who is jointly owned with Alan McClymont, Kirkstead and out of the home bred Exocet of Balgray.   The group of three - Neave U of Over Barskeoch,  Ogilvy of Balgray, Oka of Balgray received the The Reid- Walker Perpetual Challenge bowl.

Now a regular feature at the show,  the Galloway “stand” provides a meeting place for a members and friends and an idea place to promote all the attributes of the breed,  our thanks to all the members who manned the stand and to everyone who provided the treats to be served with the coffee and tea. 

Also thanks to David and Debs Heath  who provided the cash award for the New Exhibitors prize,  this year this was received by Andrew Waugh. 

Leading Awards
Champion Medal, Dr William Heughan Memorial Trophy, The Dr Gillespie Memorial Challenge Trophy and cash prize for breed champion.
Kilnstown Farms Ltd - Buccleuch Adonis
Rosette for best Junior Female
J & A Finaly - Blackcrig Rose Z784        
Rosette for best Junior Bull,                                                                         
D & R Cornthwaite - Oka of Balgray
Junior Champion Prize of £25, Rosette for best Junior Animal,
D & R Conrthwaite - Oka of Balgray
Rosette for reserve Junior Animal
The Francis Gourlay Galloway Cattle Society Memorial Challenge Cup, Rosette for best Female
J & A Finlay - Blackcraig Blondchen W605
Rosette for reserve Female
J & S Ross - Moira 1926 of Romesbeoch
The Galloway Cattle Society 100th Show Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup, Rosette for best Bull
Kilnstown Farms Ltd - Buccleuch Adonis
Rosette for best reserve bull
J & S Wareham - Welling of Kilnstown
Bronze Medal for Breeder of best Bull
Kilnstown Farms Ltd
Rosette for herdsman in charge of best Animal.
Mr Andrew Waugh
Rosette for best Animal bred by Exhibitor
J & A Finlay
The Reid- Walker Perpetual Challenge bowl for best Group, consisting of one Bull and two Females all being the property of one Exhibitor
D & R Cornthwaite - Neave U of Over Barskeoch,  Ogilvy Of Balgray, Oka   of Balgray 
The Tordarroch Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the Exhibitor gaining most points in the Galloway Classes
J & A Finlay
New Exhibitor Prize of £100 presented by David and Debs Heath, Yorkshire Show   - Kilnstown Farms Ltd
Male and Overall Champion – Kilnstown Farms Ltd with  Buccleuch Adonis
Reserve Overall Champion and Female Champion   – J  & A Finlay with Blackcraig Blondchen W605
Reserve Male Champion    – J & S Wareham with Welling of Kilnstown
Reserve Female Champion -  J & S Ross with Moira 1926 of Romesbeoch 

Male and  Overall Junior Champion –   D & R Cornthwaite with Oka of Balgray
Female Junior Champion – J & A Finlay with Blackcraig Rose Z784

Class Placings

FEMALE born on or after 1st January 2018            

1st - Troloss Farms, Dusty 1st of Troloss, UK562728 200347, 29/03/2018, S: Blackcraig Dec, D: Troloss Belle, Breeder: Exhibitor
2nd - Cornthwaite, Messrs D & R, Ogilvy Of Balgray , UK581987 706201, 18/05/2018, S: Troloss Impeccable , D: Lady Of Balgray , Breeder: Exhibitor
3rd - Ross,  J. & S., Nerys 2175 Of Romesbeoch , UK582716 402175, 19/12/2018, S: Penninghame Windward , D: Nerys 1306 of Romesbeoch , Breeder: Exhibitor
4th - J & S Wareham, Warehams Gracie, UK262411 700920, 03/04/2018, S: Welling of Kilnstown, D: Barlaes Grace 75th, Breeder: Exhibitor
5th - McCornick, Mr William, Barquhill Moss Rose 1017, UK583299 401017, 19/10/2018, S: Troloss Ring Pull , D: Blackcraig Moss Rose T426, Breeder: Exhibitor 

FEMALE born on or between 1st September and 31st December 2017   

1st  - Finlay, Messrs J & A, Blackcraig Rose Z784, UK582801 400784, 01/09/2017, S: Blackcraig X Factor, D: Blackcraig Rose W566, Breeder: Exhibitor
2nd -Troloss Farms, Isla 3rd of Troloss, UK562728 200326, 28/09/2017, S: Blackcraig Dec, D: Troloss Isla, Breeder: Exhibitor
3rd - Ross,  J. & S., Nerys 2034 of Romesbeoch , UK582716 302034, 09/11/2017, S: Turbo Tam of Nether Cleugh , D: Nerys 869 of Romesbeoch , Breeder: Exhibitor 
4th - Finlay, Messrs J & A, Blackcraig Blondchen Z850, UK582801 700850, 11/10/2017, S: Blackcraig Xtreme, D: Blackcraig Blondchen W554, Breeder: Exhibitor
5th - Ross,  J. & S., Beauty 2040 of Romesbeoch , UK582716 202040, 11/11/2017, S: Turbo Tam Nether Cleugh , D: Beauty 1185 Of Romesbeoch , Breeder: Exhibitor 

FEMALE born on or between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017

1st  - Ross,  J. & S., Moira 1926 of Romesbeoch, UK582716 701926, 29/10/2016, S: Holsten Oder Z149, D: Moira 408 of Romesbeoch, Breeder: Exhibitor
2nd - Finlay, Messrs J & A, Blackcraig Blondchen Y704, UK582801 100704, 11/09/2016, S: Blackcraig Vindicator, D: Blondchen 3rd of Auchenhay, Breeder: Exhibitor
3rd - Klondyke Farms Ltd, Klondyke Lanolin , UK582317 608022, 24/09/2016, S: Klondyke Solution , D: Klondyke Invite , Breeder: Exhibitor 
4th - Troloss Farms, Future 2nd of Troloss, UK562728 100304, 30/04/2017, S: Blackcraig Dec, D: Troloss Future, Breeder: Exhibitor
5th - Logan & Ross, D & C, Barlaes Katie 82nd, UK582831 401789, 24/12/2016, S: Watchman Of Kilnstown, D: Barlaes Katie 71st, Breeder: Mr R J McTurk
6th - Cornthwaite, Messrs D & R, Natalie of Balgray, UK581987 605654, 04/04/2017, S: Troloss Impeccable, D: Barlaes Grace 80th, Breeder: Exhibitor

FEMALE, in Milk, born before 1st September 2016                          

1st - Finlay, Messrs J & A, Blackcraig Blondchen W605, UK582801 700605, 23/03/2015, S: Blackcraig Sid, D: Blackcraig Blondchen M183, Breeder: Exhibitor
2nd - McCornick, Mr William, Blackcraig Moss Rose T426, UK582801 300426, 17/11/2011, S: Finmac Norseman, D: Blackcraig Moss Rose P276, Breeder: J & A Finlay
3rd -Hunter Blair, Mr Peter, Foxglove Violet of Nether Cleugh, UK582837 600242, 12/09/2013, S: Blackcraig Tom Tom, D: Foxglove Primula of Nether Cleugh, Breeder: Exhibitor
4th - Cornthwaite, Messrs D & R, Neave U Of Over Barskeoch , UK582848 300541, 10/05/2011, S: Barlaes Fearless, D: Greenloop Neve , Breeder: Messrs Wallace
5th- Troloss Farms, Troloss Jackie, UK562728 300215, 06/03/2014, S: Blackcraig Rasputin, D: Troloss Gypsy, Breeder: Exhibitor
6th - Troloss Farms, Troloss Jane, UK562728 300208, 26/01/2014, S: Blackcraig Rasputin, D: Troloss Faith, Breeder: Exhibitor
7th - Klondyke Farms Ltd, Klondyke Illusion, UK582312 400548, 02/10/2013, S: Klondyke Solution, D: Klondyke Yasmine, Breeder: Exhibitor

BULL born on or after 1st January 2017  

1st - Cornthwaite, Messrs D & R, Oka of Balgray , UK581987 606256, 16/06/2018, S: Troloss Impeccable , D: Exocet Of Balgray , Breeder: Exhibitor 
2nd - McCornick, Mr William, Barquhill Major , UK583299 100965, 10/03/2018, S: Barquhill Dominator , D: Barquhill Dusty H747, Breeder: Exhibitor 
3rd - Hunter Blair, Mr Peter, Zeno of Nether Cleugh , UK582837 600284, 24/02/2018, S: Xplentive of Nether Cleugh , D: Foxglove Violet of Nether Cleugh , Breeder: Exhibitor 
4th  -Ross,  J. & S., Boris of Romesbeoch , UK582716 302160, 08/10/2018, S: Turbo Tam Nether Cleugh , D: Beauty 1185 of Romesbeoch , Breeder: Exhibitor 

BULL born on or before 31st December 2016                     

1st – Kilnstown Farms Ltd, Buccleuch Adonis , UK561739 500787, 27/06/2012, S: Kirkstead Nancy Boy , D: Dalwhat Moss Rose J1, Breeder: Langholm Farm Ltd 
2nd - J & S Wareham, Welling of Kilnstown, UK102520 601653, 13/04/2015, S: Coldplay of Fingland, D: Marina 67th of Kilnstown, Breeder: Kilnstown Farms Ltd