The Royal Highland Show 2009

At the 2009 Royal Highland show, the Galloways won all the major trophies including the individual, native interbreed, interbreed and pairs competitions.  Never has one breed dominated all the cattle championships at Scotland's premiere show.


The star of the show was Blackcraig Kodiac exhibited by Willie MacLean, Inverglen, Barcaldine, Oban,   This six year old bull along with Doon of Urr Nerys 42nd from Jim and Selina Ross, Romesbeoch, Shawhead and Blackcraig Noreen from John and Ann Finlay, Blackcraig  won the native team of three.  


Later on in the week, they were joined by John and Ann’s other heifer Blackcraig Diana 0222, to make up a team of four and secure the prestigious interbreed trophy.  Judge Peter Donger, from the Charolais and Saler Seawell herd, described them as a ‘tremendous well-balanced team’


Earlier in the day Peter Donger had no hesitation in placing Kodiac best overall in the individual award. “He is the best Galloway I have ever seen” he said. On the last day of the show and to top a fanastic week, Blackcraig Kodiac and Doon of Urr Nerys 42nd won the Pairs Competition, this competition has only been running two years and the Galloway have won it both years.


This is the first time since 1974 and the introduction of the continental breeds that the Galloways have won the individual award and to come out top over the 12 other cattle breeds and 1051 beef entries was a fantastic achievement for a minority breed.