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Provisional date for the dispersal of Penninghame Galloways is Saturday 14th November 2015 at Wallets Marts (Castle Douglas) Ltd and on offer will be the following

20 Pedigree Galloway Cows
2 Pedigree Galloway In calf Heifers
6 Pedigree Galloway Bulling Heifers
8 Pedigree Galloway Heifer Calves
1 Pedigree Galloway Stock Bull – Kirkmabreck Upstart

Also followed by
190 Saler Cows and Calves
20 Saler In calf  Heifers
15 Saler Bulling Heifers
4 Pedigree Saler Bulls

Penninghame Galloways has been in existence prior to the first herd books of 1876.  Penninghame first registrations were in the second volume and have been bred continuously until the present day.

The Herd is being dispersed due to retirement.


Over the years we have selected bloodlines to give a commercial direction to our Galloways, which should give value both in the sale ring or show field.

Full details and Catalogue will be issued in due course, this is a once in a life opportunity to purchase Pedigree Galloways from one of the oldest herds.  
For more details contact the office.