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Galloway Cattle Society Cattle Dressing Workshop
Saturday 13th January, 2024

The Galloway Cattle Society proudly conducted its inaugural Cattle Dressing Workshop at Balgray, Lockerbie, graciously hosted by David and Rosemarie Cornthwaite. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of nearly 50 members and friends, all engaged in a hands-on learning experience under the guidance of the esteemed Galloway legend, Mr. Dennis Gall.

The comprehensive workshop delved into essential skills, with Mr. Dennis Gall leading participants through the intricate processes of washing, drying, clipping, dressing, and showcasing Galloways for events like shows and sales. Renowned for his expertise, Dennis shared valuable insights at each stage, providing a thorough understanding of preparing Galloways to the highest standards.

Participants were organized into teams, collectively grooming a total of 14 Galloways to experience the complete preparation process as if gearing up for a show or sale. The practical nature of the workshop allowed attendees to acquire hands-on experience, benefiting from the mentorship of  seasoned professionals.

A special highlight of the event was the opportunity for younger participants to present their groomed cattle in front of noted Galloway breeder Mr. Jim Ross. Mr. Ross generously shared his wealth of knowledge, imparting insights into the finer points of showmanship to enhance the skills and confidence of the participants.

Galloway young breeder Innes Common, " I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the workshop and I learned a lot  from it like how to clip Galloways properly.  Also with leading the heifers around has given me more confidence in the   ring  and the food was great ".  

The success of the inaugural Cattle Dressing Workshop represents a significant milestone for The Galloway Cattle Society, underscoring its dedication to fostering education and hands-on learning experiences within the Galloway community. The Society extends heartfelt gratitude to David and Rosemarie Cornthwaite for their generous permission,  extra efforts in hosting the workshop at Balgray and feeding everyone. Special thanks are also extended to Dennis Gall, John Graham, Jim & Doug Ross, Scott McKinnon for their expertise, and Jason and Ramsay McKinnel and Iain Finlay for their contributions before the event. The Society is appreciative of its sponsors, including Wallets Marts, Nith Valley Constructions Ltd, Show Time Supplies, and Solway Agricultural Ltd.   The Society also  extends sincere thanks to all participants who made the event such a success and enjoyable occasion.

Congratulations and well done to all involved – we look forward to our next event.